2016 Grand Marshal: Ed and Floranne Moulton

Throughout their lives, Ed and Floranne Moulton have contributed much to the fabric of the Cornwall community. Today we celebrate Ed and Floranne’s gifts to Cornwall as they lead the 2016 Cornwall Independence Day Parade as its grand marshals. 

Ed and Floranne met at SUNY New Paltz and got engaged in December of 1952 while Ed was an Air Force Aviation Cadet. They got married in December 1953. After Ed retired as Lt. Colonel in 1972, they settled in Cornwall-on-Hudson where they still live. 

Edward C. Moulton, Jr., who was born in 1930 in Newburgh, was elected as a Cornwall-on-Hudson Village Trustee in 1977 and was elected the 26th mayor in 1981. He served as mayor until 2007, becoming the longest serving mayor of the village - 26 years. He helped shape the village as it exists today. 

One of Ed’s major accomplishments was the development of what was later named Donahue Memorial Park. In 1981 Ed negotiated with Con Edison, which had acquired riverfront property known as Cornwall Landing as part of its plan to build a pump station on Storm King Mountain; after a long struggle, village residents prevailed and Con Edison abandoned its plan. In time, Ed added a boat launch and picnic areas. He had a gazebo built, in memory of Deputy Mayor Tony Ferraro who died in 2004, on the north end of the park on land that was raised four feet with granite from Storm King Highway.  

Ed was instrumental in the development of the current village hall. He negotiated the purchase of the Bank of America building, which had previously been an automobile showroom. As clerk of the works for the design and construction of the building, he oversaw the design of an administration area, a meeting room, a history museum and a police station. The former village hall, also a bank building, on River Avenue, became a restaurant. 

Ed also helped to develop a three-pronged water system that serves the town as well as the village: two wells located in the town; reservoirs in Black Rock Forest; and the New York City Aqueduct. Ed also oversaw the construction of the public works building, one of the finest in Orange County. 

Ed also helped renew the commercial district. He worked to create a park around the bandstand, with stone walls and a parking lot. He created Fanning Square, with a memorial to Leo Fanning, a longtime village postmaster and police chief, and American Legion commander. 

Ed had a vision for the village, according to Rudy Hahn, who served as trustee with Ed for two decades. He relied on his military experience to help get things done Rudy said.

Floranne Terwilliger Moulton was born in 1930 in Walden. In the late 1940s, she and her family moved to Cornwall-on-Hudson. Her parents operated a luncheonette and bowling alley, called The Campus, for many years on Hudson Street where the Step By Step Dance Studio is located now. Summers would find Floranne working with Glen McGinnis at the village’s summer recreation program and Majestic Weaving in West Cornwall.

Teaching is in Floranne’s blood. After graduating from SUNY New Paltz in 1952 with a bachelor’s degree in education, Floranne began her teaching career on Long Island. She also taught in government schools in England and public schools in a number of states, including Alaska. She started teaching at Cornwall-on-Hudson Elementary School in the early 1970s and taught hundreds of village children. She became head teacher, which entailed filling in for the principal when he/she was out of the building.

Floranne’s grandmother and aunt both taught science and Floranne spent a lot of time on family farms so she became very interested in science and nature. She piloted environmental education at the elementary school and developed a program that included travel to the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) in Dingman’s Ferry, PA. PEEC was a very popular program with students, parents and teachers. As a longtime chair of the Sands Ring Homestead Committee, Floranne organized historical, educational programs for school children. 

Floranne has been a longtime member of the Cornwall Garden Club and she was also a member of the Orange and Dutchess Garden Club. 
Floranne and Ed have three children, Anne, Curtis and Mary; seven grandchildren; and three step-grandchildren. The children often return to Ed and Floranne’s home in Cliffside Park overlooking the Hudson River. Their home displays some of Ed’s landscape oil paintings.

Both Floranne and Ed served on the Cornwall Independence Day Committee. Floranne served in several capacities including parade coordinator. Ed chaired the committee in 1975 and 1976, the bicentennial when the committee held a ball featuring the Guy Lombardo Orchestra at New York Military Academy. Floranne returned in 1990 when the chair, Harry Houlis, pleaded for volunteers. And both Floranne and Ed are longtime members of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Cornwall and sing in the choir.  

So today, we say thanks to two of Cornwall’s longtime public servants, a mayor and a teacher, Ed and Floranne Moulton.                                                              

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